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Production of cardboard cups 100% Romanian.
Cardboard cups. WHITE and KRAFT.
Quality. Competitive prices. Prompt delivery.
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Cardboard cups __4 Oz-100 ml

Custom cardboard cups 4 Oz - 100 ml (118 ml up to lid) Ideal for espresso machines, ristretto consumers, but also for To Go business.

Cardboard cups __6 Oz-150 ml

Cardboard vending cups, 178 ml up to the lid, ideal in VENDING machines, designed so that it does not get stuck in any vending machine.

Cardboard cups __7 Oz-175 ml

Cardboard vending cups, 207 ml up to the lid, both for VENDING machines, as for water appliances, it is easily extracted from the dispenser.

Caffe latte cups __8 Oz-230 ml

Cardboard glass 270 ml up to the lid, big enough for a medium Americano, caffe latte and other types of coffee with water or milk content.

Cappuccino cups 12 Oz-330 ml

Coffee cups 350 ml up to the lid, an excellent choice for medium drinks. Ideal for latte maccchiato, hot chocolate, tea.

Cardboard cups 14 Oz-400 ml

Coffee cups with lids, 420 ml up to cover (device in configuration). serves coffee, tea and hot chocolate specialties in these glasses.

Cardboard cups 16 Oz-450 ml

Coffee cups with lids, 472 ml up to the lid, help you if you serve large hot drinks, coffee specialties with a rich composition, but also cold drinks such as beer.

Cardboard cups 22 Oz-650 ml

These glasses offer ample space for fruity iced teas up to refreshing lemonades. A great way to give very portions large drinks and soft drinks to your clients.

Soup bowls(Salad)16 Oz-450 ml

Ideal for serving hot soups, 420-450 ml, advance almost 480 ml to the cap, but also ideal in case, where you serve salad specialties. White as well as kraft.

Kraft paper cups.


Now also in natural Kraft version! All the eight sizes of cardboard cups customized, on white cardboard, now they can also be customized in the cardboard recycled kraft version. Give your cardboard cups a vintage look, eco or rustic.  Paper cups kraft cardboard, ecological option and durable for serving drinks. You can provide us with your own design you can work with our design team to create a custom one. From 500 pcs, even less. Buy ONLINE! Click on the image.

Manufacturer of personalized cardboard cups

We are manufacturing customized cardboard cups, eight sizes, both on white cardboard and on recycled kraft cardboard. Cardboard cups 4 Oz - 100 ml, 6 Oz - 150 ml, 7 Oz - 175 ml, 8 Oz - 230 ml, 12 Oz - 330 ml, 14 Oz - 400 ml (under construction), 16 Oz - 450 ml and 22 Oz - 650 ml . Personalization starting with 500 pieces (even less).

Cardboard coffee cups, in production own, 4 Oz, 6 Oz, 7 Oz, 8 Oz, 12 Oz, 16 Oz and 22 oz. 4 Oz glasses for espresso, the 6Oz and 7Oz for Vending machines, together with the 8 Oz, 12 Oz, 16 Oz and 22 Oz glasses ideal for TO GO businesses.

Paper bags, kraft paper bags natural and white

Personalization, series production, optimized price starting with 5,000 pieces, different sizes, different handles. We offer from stock paper bags, paper bags, kraft paper bags, different sizes, paper bags with twisted handle, cut-out handle and applied handle They are packed in 50 pcs., they can be ordered in any quantity, which is the 50 pcs. Delivery time 3-4 working days. Online order. Click on the image.

Packaging Fast Food, Catering, Street Food, cafes. Online order.

Kraft and white cardboard cups, kraft cardboard bowls, kraft cardboard bowls, cardboard burger boxes with attached lid, cardboard boxes for menus with flaps, cardboard boxes kraft for noodles, cardboard boxes for potatoes.

Paper bags with a cut handle, Paper bags with a twisted handle, transport paper bags without handle, kraft paper wrapped shaorma, natural kraft cardboard box with attached lid, transparent lids without holes, set of ECO wooden cutlery packed in a kraft paper envelope, natural kraft paper aprons, natural kraft bags with window and sealing, 100% recycled paper napkins.

Personalized cardboard glasses, starting from 500 pieces (even less), in 2-3 working days!

Personalized cardboard cups for hot and cold drinks. We offer white and kraft cardboard cups from stock.

We are manufacturing eight sizes of cardboard cups: 4 Oz-100ml, 6 Oz-150 ml, 7 Oz-175 ml, 8 Oz-250 ml, 12 Oz-330 ml, 14 Oz-400 ml, 16 Oz-400 ml and 22 Oz-650 ml

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